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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

These new regulations are now in force, effective from 6 April 2017. The requirement to report applies to employers who have 250 employees or more on the “snapshot” date, which is 5 April for businesses and charities and 31 March for public sector organisations.

The first report is due within 12 months of the relevant snapshot date, so by 4 April 2018 or 30 March 2018 respectively.

Who counts as an employee?

Employment status is a complex area so seek advice prior to ruling out any categories of workers. Turnstone HR can help with this.
In terms of part-timers, job shares and employees working on a casual basis, think in terms of counting actual heads rather than job roles.  So, if you have 2 individuals working a couple of days a week each, sharing a role, they count as 2 employees for gender pay gap reporting purposes. Similarly, someone employed part-time counts as a head, therefore counts as an employee. If you have casual employees working on 5 April or 31 March, but they are not with you at other times of the year, they count for these purposes.

What do we have to report?

The proportion of men and women in each quartile pay band
The mean gender pay gap in hourly pay
The median gender pay gap in hourly pay

The proportion of men and women receiving bonus payments
The mean bonus gender pay gap
The median bonus gender pay gap

How do we submit our figures?

Your gender pay gap data should be published on your website together with a written statement confirming that the published information is accurate. If you wish, you can take the opportunity to provide a supporting narrative, explaining any pay gap that exists and what your organisation plans to do to tackle it. The figures should also be reported online to the Government by means of the gender pay gap reporting service.

While employers may already be taking steps to improve gender equality and reduce or eliminate their gender pay gap, this process will support and encourage action.

“There is evidence to suggest that good HR practice and people management in SMEs are key factors in strong business performance and can lead to increased productivity.”

- CIPD people Skills Project 2017


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