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HR Services delivered as and when you need them

HR Services delivered as and when you need them

Sow HR seeds to support growth this spring

Spring is in the air – and what better time to sow some seeds to support growth in your business?

One of the most important seeds that any business can nurture is its HR strategy. Given proper attention, you will be reaping the benefits for years to come (although it does need constant maintenance!)

Successful HR strategies have a vital role to play in driving long-term performance. Below are a few tips on ensuring that your HR strategy helps your business to reach full bloom.

1.  Anticipation is key. Your HR strategy needs to be based on where the business is headed. Make sure you know what opportunities and challenges lie ahead for your business.

2.  Values and purpose are the foundations of any business. Make sure you HR processes are set up to reflect the way the business wants people to work on a day-to-day basis.

3.  Keep it simple.  As a business grows it inevitably needs to move to a more structured approach and to introduce more formal people processes.  But avoiding overcomplicated processes and procedures can help retain flexibility and responsiveness.

4. Take stock. Where are you overloaded? Where are your gaps? Where do you want to be? Make time to look at the big picture.

5.  Have a clear out. It’s easy to carry on doing things in a certain way simply because we always have. But don’t be held back by sentimentality – if it no longer fits the business, it’s time for a change.

6. Have effective knowledge transfer channels in place, ensuring that years of nurturing gets passed along to the next generation of employees.

7.   At work it can sometimes be difficult to see beyond the immediate operational issues.  Make sure you are not getting so caught up in short term solutions that you are missing golden opportunities to support longer term goals.

9. Say ‘Thank you’. Another thing that can sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day job. But don’t underestimate the power of a simple ‘thanks’. Our recent PA/Secretary of the Year Awards really showed me how much it means to people to know they are appreciated. Having appropriate reward and recognition channels is essential.

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“There is evidence to suggest that good HR practice and people management in SMEs are key factors in strong business performance and can lead to increased productivity.”

- CIPD people Skills Project 2017


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